Aircraft Modification & Upgrade

In addition to fulfilling our Customers’ day-to-day aviation needs, LIMA offers extensive upgrade and modification program to a number of today’s most popular aircraft across a broad spectrum of government and civilian applications.

LIMA aircraft modification and upgrade services cover:

  • Engineering, design and modeling
  • Integration and installation
  • Airworthiness qualification, verification and testing
  • Documentation and technical publications update
  • Certification
  • Manufacturing of installation kits
  • Training

Each and every modification that we make to an aircraft is extensively tested for safety and functionality by our expert engineering team in order to meet our strict quality standards.

Furthermore, we strive to integrate our customers into this process, ensuring both their satisfaction with the final product as well as their peace of mind during the entire procedure from design to flight testing.

Once any modifications have been fully implemented, we offer extended warranties and part-replacement plans as well as more comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the long term viability of the aircraft.



  • Upgrades to fuel systems.
  • Aircraft lighting equipment.
  • Radio, navigation, and communication equipment.
  • Navigation maps.
  • Aircraft survivability equipment and life-support suites.
  • Cargo transportation equipment.
  • Electric equipment.
  • Firefighting, medical, search-and-rescue systems.


  • Integration of special mission equipment.
  • Various avionics suite.
  • Mission management system.
  • Airborne warning system.
  • EO/IR cameras.
  • Helmet display tracking system.
  • Infrared engine suppressors, etc.