About Us


LIMA Aviation LLC is a leading provider of aerospace and defense solutions to a wide range of private and government organizations. LIMA offers a comprehensive series of aircraft services including aircraft procurement, refurbishment, maintenance, cutting-edge upgrades, training, and integrated logistics support to ensure the long-term functionality of our products.

Strategically located in Abu Dhabi, LIMA offers its services on a global level while maintaining a focus on the MENA region. Our international team of experts is dedicated to delivering prompt, high-quality solutions to real-world problems in a cost-effective manner.

Our services include a full range of aircraft support:

  • Aviation maintenance
  • Modifications, upgrades and refurbishments
  • Engineering and certification
  • Program management
  • Aircraft procurement and after-sales support
  • Integrated logistics support
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Defense consulting

Our mission


At LIMA, providing high-quality aviation solutions cost-effectively is our number one priority. In our experience however, quality goes beyond the final product. Quality means that our Customers know not just what they are getting, but how and when. By providing our Customers with the opportunity to be part of every step of our process, we offer more than aviation solutions; we deliver peace of mind.


By focusing on high-quality products and extraordinary Customer service, our aim is to be the primary provider of expert aviation services in the region. Our business is structured around three simple words that underline the core of who we are: “Inspiration, Innovation, Integrity”. With LIMA, you know you are getting the very best in every way.


LIMA Aviation is certified ISO 9001:2015