Our team has years of experience working on defense, aerospace, and construction projects. Leveraging this unique experience our team offers consulting services in multiple areas including management of various offset obligations, specifically those defined in the Tawazun Economic Program.

Our offset consulting takes into consideration the stringent rules and regulations of Tawazun Economic Program and offers these services:

➢ Identification of business opportunity and preparing a business case for Tawazun Offset Council.
➢ Provision of project proposals to Tawazun.
➢ Managing all communications with Tawazun Economic Council.
➢ Calculation of Credits.
➢ Management of Non-Performing Contractor Cases.
➢ Development of a turnkey solution when applicable:
        • Connect the contractor with a local company.
        • Create a partnership with the contractor to create a populated JV to fulfil the offset requirements.
        • Act as a vessel to which the foreign contractor can transfer the know-how, or a work package.
        • Act as training provider on behalf of the contractor